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About Us

CADDIESTER specializes in the development and sales of golf carts and other related products. It aims to bring the very best golf carts to golfers of all ages and levels.

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We have been in collaboration with a company that has a firm foundation of astronautic technology with rich research and sales experience in golf carts for more than ten years. We have built a strong reputation in product quality and consumer satisfaction. Adhering to the design concept of lightweight and compactness, our research team elaborately studies and designs with 3D stimulation technology (for more than two years). With great excitement we are now able to release a brand new type of golf push cart; a self-developed and global-patented X1-EP.

The design inspiration comes from the dynamic appearance of battle planes. Both sides of the cart look like the wings of a battle plane. The body is built with high-strength aero aluminum alloy. It is much lighter and more reliable and only weighs 8.9kg. The cart is quickly and easily folded with the help of a patented bevel gear driving mechanism. Moreover, the X1-EP has made a major breakthrough from a streamlined design to a quick folding mechanism. It was developed to be the smallest pushcart in the world.